A bit like looking at a root cause, I like to get to the heart of the matter.

This is where I find the difference between you, and the others.


Looking at your purpose, your motivation, your vision.

Finding your true story, and importantly, why anyone should care about it.

These are some of the ingredients that form your unique recipe; your “special sauce”.

It could be what differentiates you.

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One of the ingredients to my special sauce is being bull-shit free.

I find it refreshing and liberating.

And so do people I work with.

There is so much BS in the world, I’m happy to lead the charge with another approach.

Telling it how it is, while sharing expertise and guidance.


Things like vision and values have been so overused and abused these days that they’ve begun to sound like corporate bull-shit.

However, done properly, they are actually essential to your brand, to the way you do business, and to all your communications.

Vision, Values, Beliefs, Purpose, Why, So What?

You can call them whatever you like.

But dismiss them at your peril.


“Vision, Values, Beliefs, Purpose, Why, So What?”

At Leading Conversations I refer to “Heart and Soul”, because these ingredients form the heart and soul of your business.

Whatever you call them, it is so important to understand the heart and soul of your brand.

It’s important for authenticity.

And people care about Authenticity.


In the Cohn & Wolfe global Authentic Brands study, they identified that:


“Authenticity has a positive impact on the bottom line: 63% of global consumers would buy from a company they consider to be authentic, over and above competitors.”

The study found that:

Authentic characteristics such as communicating honestly about products and services” came in at 91% amongst consumers.

This was at the top of the whole chart.



The thing is, if you don’t really understand the ingredients that create the heart and soul of your business, it will be really hard for you to communicate authentically about it.


I’ll never forget, when I was a child, my parents employed a nanny to look after my younger brother and sister (10 & 12 years younger than me). Both my parents run their own small businesses and were working full time.

My older brother and I did our fair share of changing nappies, but we really needed a Nanny.

One lunch time, the Nanny found herself in a predicament when she told my mother that we’d run out of chips (oven chips).

There were no more in the freezer.

We’d asked if we could have good old fish fingers and chips for lunch!

So my mother said:

“We have a cupboard full of potatoes, just make some”

*Blank look; confused face*

The Nanny didn’t actually know that chips were made from potatoes…


It’s good to know stuff like that.

When we know what we’re made of, we have the ability to communicate about it authentically.


There are things you need to know and understand to be able to communicate authentically.

To represent your brand authentically.

And not just heart and soul, but it’s a good place to start.


Quite simply, put together the unique ingredients that make up your brand, and it forms the core of the recipe that sets you apart.

No-one else has your heart and soul. There’s some difference right there.

That’s why the heart and soul stuff is so important.

Are you clear about the heart and soul of your brand?


At Leading Conversations I’m putting my Authent-i-kit into a format I can share with you.

It’s a toolkit designed to help you know yourself, know your brand and know your audience; enabling you to create authentic communications.


Depending on what suits you best I will be offering: 1 day learning workshops to groups; an online learning tool; and a 1 month consultancy package, working directly with me.

You can email me lucy@leadingconversations.co.uk to find out more.

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All the best


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