Creating a difference, one conversation at a time.

Communication is powerful.

I have a dream


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Enough said.

Inspiring leaders, like Martin Luther King Jr, have used communication and conversation to change the world.

They always have a clear vision and a reason why.

Once they have that, they have the ability to start incredible conversations that make history.

You might not necessarily want to make history, or change the world, but you might want to change your world.

The tool-kit is the same. You just need to apply it in your own way.



I am a champion of ‘bull-shit free’, authentic communications.

I’m passionate about it.

Being true to yourself is a happier way to live, communicate and connect.

It can lead to more success in life and business too.


That is the built in bonus of a bull-shit free ideology.

It ensures believability.

It connects you to an audience; breeds trust, commitment and loyalty.

And creates lasting relationships.

One day I hope connect with people across the world through a shared love of meaningful conversation.


I was inspired to create Leading Conversations, in part, through my experience writing my personal blog

And then freelance writing for other publications. You can read more about my story here.


Writing from my heart helped me find myself again. I spoke honestly about the struggle that is new motherhood. I shared real and raw stories, and connected with people on an emotional level.

I realised I’d found my true voice. Using my own words, my feelings, my truth.


My background is in communication, consulting and change so I have spent a long time communicating other people’s words and ideas.

And on reflection, not always in a non-bull shit way.

That can be a challenge in the world of big business.

I’m sure you will have your own experience of this.

You know what bull-shit sounds like. You know how people react to it.

Sometimes you can even smell it before a word is spoken.


In contrast, when you experience what it feels like to communicate and connect in a completely honest and authentic way, it feels like a new found freedom.

And the reaction, if you’ve got it right, is the kind of reaction you are seeking.


Being completely authentic: to some it feels like there isn’t a choice.  Or that it’s too hard.


But there is a choice.

There is another way.


I decided to find a way to share this ‘other way’ with the world, and help anyone who cares to learn how.

Leading Conversations is the result.


I like to think there are ‘business people with soul‘ (as I like to call them) out there in the world.

There are, I’ve met some, and I’d love to meet more.


Business people with soul feel good about what they do, why they do it and how they do it.

They have vision and purpose.

They are successful by being true to themselves, and communicating authentically.

If you are that person, please get in touch. I’d love to hear your story and share it.


Maybe you aspire to be a business person with soul?

You want to feel good about what you do, why, how and with whom.

You want to be authentic, but just need a little guidance.

Good news. I can help you.


Perhaps you’ve set up a small business or charity and need a hand putting your story together.

The true story of you, your business or charity and why it matters.

Your story that starts those important conversations, and sets you on your way to success.

I can help you.


Or you’re an entrepreneur full of great ideas, but seek some guidance.

An idea remains just that, unless you can find the right means to share it.

I can help you.


You have a dream, but you need to start the conversation…


Here is our chance to make a difference.


I believe there is another way.

A way to be yourself.

To act and communicate authentically.

To have more successful conversations.

To create your true story that people engage with.

To have purpose and meaning behind all that you do.

Have the weight lifted off your shoulders.

To feel free.

And in turn, become happier and more successful.

Perhaps even change the world.


I’m here to share my knowledge with you.

To provide you with great, useful content that can help you live the life of  a business person with soul.

I hope to guide and support you on that journey.

Inspire and advise.


I’d love to build a community here for  those who also believe there is a choice.

A choice to be authentic and successful.

To communicate with the confidence and freedom of your own voice.

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I hope you’ll join me on the journey.


All the best


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