Lucy Griffin-Stiff
Lucy Griffin-StiffFounder & Director
Lucy has been a trusted advisor for almost 20 years, helping companies connect with their audience, transform their employee engagement scores, handle change, and use strategic communication to help deliver against their business strategy.

Some of her previous clients include Barclays Wealth & Investment, Visa, EDF Energy, Anglian Water, London Underground and Capital One.

Having worked as an in-house consultant for the majority of her career, Lucy has now set up her own Strategic Consultancy, specialising in Communications, Brand, Engagement & Organisational Culture.

Lucy has a real interest in the purpose economy and meaningful brands.

She is a ‘Thought Leader’ in this area and writes about it on her blog and for other publications.

Her research and passion for this topic is what led her to set up Leading Conversations Ltd.

Lucy has developed an approach that demonstrates knowing yourself, knowing the ‘heart and soul’ of your brand, and knowing your audience means you deliver better communications and have more business success.

“My approach is different to the traditional, because I’m all for less bull sh*t and more authenticity! I help a business put purpose and authenticity at its heart for more success. That’s how we achieve the engagement. “ Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Leading Conversations offers strategic communications consultancy and guidance to SME’s and larger growing businesses. Helping them become Great Places to Work and transform how they do business.

From developing or reviewing a proposition, messaging and communications strategy; to helping create a meaningful brand, with a communication strategy that resonates with Employees, Customers, and Supporters.

Guiding a strategy to help you:
• Attract and retain talent
• Build loyalty and trust with customers
• Deliver against your business plan
• And increase returns for shareholders.

A strategy that truly delivers against these things can often involve adapting organisational culture & design. Lucy uses her expertise to guide you through that process, as necessary.

In terms of Communications success, she shows a business how to connect with the audience that matters to them, in a way that matters to that audience.

There is an increasing amount of evidence that people value authenticity and purpose more than ever before. Nearly two thirds (63%) of global consumers would buy from a company they consider to be authentic over and above its competitors.

People rate Authentic characteristics such as “communicating honestly about products and services” at 91% importance. (Cohn & Wolfe Authentic Brands Study)

If you are growing a business and want to truly connect with employees, customers and supporters, purpose and meaning will make a difference to you. Engaging employees and customers; building trust and support.

Lucy, at Leading Conversations can show you how.