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Why today’s Start-up’s could become the happiest places to work

Why today’s Start-up’s could become the happiest places to work We have the opportunity to create the worlds happiest and most successful organisations The knowledge is out there, so is the expertise. We just need to make more effort to apply it. A Start-up, has the opportunity to set its culture for success from the

Passionate Expert seeks Business Person with Soul…

Being a business person with soul is good for business and good for people. Because a business full of business people with soul means happier workers; happier customers; therefore a happier world. Oh, and more profit. Money is important. We all need it to survive and grow our businesses, but it is not the sole

What’s the heart and soul of your business?

A bit like looking at a root cause, I like to get to the heart of the matter. This is where I find the difference between you, and the others.   Looking at your purpose, your motivation, your vision. Finding your true story, and importantly, why anyone should care about it. These are some of

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The importance of setting expectations, correctly

The Importance of Setting Expectations, Correctly This morning I was listening to a webinar. I’d read the advert telling me what I would learn, and I signed up. I’d duly read the follow-up communications reminding me what it was about and when to tune in, and so had my expectations set around what I was