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Employee Communications in Times of Uncertainty

My Top Tips for Employee Communications in times of Uncertainty Britain are coming up with a plan to leave the arms of the European Union (EU),  other EU countries are discussing whether they want to be in or out of the EU, America are looking for a new President. The overriding concern for people in these

Is Corporate Bull-Shit Killing your Business?

“What if you could just do it any way you wanted to?” I said.  “Start with a clean slate, forget the politics, what’s the ideal business solution?” “What? Really?” I saw a glimmer of hope and excitement in his eyes. “Yeah.  How would you set up the strategy?” “What will lead the business to the

Why today’s Start-up’s could become the happiest places to work

Why today’s Start-up’s could become the happiest places to work We have the opportunity to create the worlds happiest and most successful organisations The knowledge is out there, so is the expertise. We just need to make more effort to apply it. A Start-up, has the opportunity to set its culture for success from the

Passionate Expert seeks Business Person with Soul…

Being a business person with soul is good for business and good for people. Because a business full of business people with soul means happier workers; happier customers; therefore a happier world. Oh, and more profit. Money is important. We all need it to survive and grow our businesses, but it is not the sole

The Employee Engagement alarm bells are ringing

The Employee Engagement alarm bells are ringing... Can you hear them? If we want to take employee engagement seriously, and really make a difference, we need to fundamentally look at how our businesses are organised. Earlier this week I read “Employee engagement specialists disengaged”. “A survey of over 500 Internal Communications professionals has identified a

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