Purpose, Meaning, Authentic Communication“Passionate expert seeks

business person with soul?”

What’s all that about?

Your success could be the story I share with the world!

I’d love to find a ‘partner’ to try out my Authent-i-kit.

I suppose you could see it as “Beta testing”

You can also help me improve it by adding real life case studies and success stories.

And I can go on to help more people.

What to know more?

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Inspiring a better working world


Being a business person with soul is good for business and good for people.

Because a business full of business people with soul means happier workers; happier customers; therefore a happier world.

Oh, and more profit.

Money is important.

We all need it to survive and grow our businesses, but it is not the sole reason for your business.

It isn’t your purpose.

Business people with soul, care about purpose and authenticity.

  • They care about people and society.
  • They have a purpose beyond, just making money.
  • They live their values, they communicate authentically

What else do they do?

  • They attract and retain the best employees
  • They build loyalty and trust with customers
  • And they increase returns for shareholders.

meaningful brand

  • Are you interested in running a meaningful business?

  • Are you interested in attracting and retaining the best employees?

  • Building loyalty and trust with customers?

  • And making some money?

Who isn’t, right?

So what has this got to do with me?

I am the Founder of Leading Conversations.

My vision is: To inspire more people to be ‘Business People with Soul’.

People who put purpose & authenticity in the heart of business.

And I want to help them do it.


I want to help Start-ups and entrepreneurs;  people with purpose and passion, get off on the right foot.

These guys are often business people with soul from the outset, but sometimes they need a hand bringing their vision to life.

This is where I come in.

I have 16 years’ experience in strategic communications, working with some of the best known brands. I’m also a writer, a thought leader and have my work published in places like the Huffington Post.

I want to take this experience and use it for good.

Helping create a world full of happier people, by inspiring and helping business people with soul.

What can I do?

I can help a business develop its proposition, messaging and communications strategy.

  • I do this is a way that puts purpose and authenticity at its heart.
  • In a way that connects with the people you care about.
  • In a way that gives you the freedom to be completely authentic, (which, by the way, makes life so much easier, and makes you feel good).

This means you reap all the benefits. – Best employees, loyal customers and money.

And you get to sleep well at night, because you are doing an awesome job.

 You are helping create a happier world.

I’m developing a little toolkit, I like to call the Authent-i-kit (because it keeps it real!)

I’m all for less bull shit and more authenticity.

I’ve experienced enough corporate BS over the years to know how it really hinders an organisation and its people.

Inspiring a better working world

Because of this no BS value, I will also be looking to help SME’s. I want to help them escape the corporate bull-shit trap.

Keep them meaningful and connecting with their employees, customers and supporters, before it’s too late!

But, back to how I can help.


Using the tools I am developing in my Authent-i-kit, I want to work with you on a consultancy basis, either in person, or through technology:

(when I say technology I mean  in person through phone, sykpe, email, internet, not a virtual solution!)

Working with you on a consultancy basis to:

Develop or review:  your proposition, messaging, and communications strategy

  • We find your purpose and unique proposition by looking at the ‘heart and soul’ of the matter, to help you create a meaningful brand.
  • I can help you create a strategy based around purpose; that is meaningful; that people will care about.
  • I can show you the ingredients for authentic communication.


Put all that together and you have a recipe for success

purpose, authentic communication, success


I am looking to partner with an organisation to bring this vision to life.

I see it as a win-win.

  1. You get to work with me for a really reasonable fee.
  2. We develop or review your proposition, messaging and communications strategy
  3. We go through the process to of how to put purpose and authenticity at the heart of what you do.
  4. We look at how you can use that to connect authentically with the audiences that matters to you
  5. You get more success

What’s in it for Me?

  • I get to work with you, which is great. I love working with business people with soul.
  • You help me improve and develop my Authent-i-kit with real life examples so I can go on to help more people.
  • Oh and I get to earn some money so I can keep feeding my family.

So what do you say?

Do you want to help create a happier world? Can we work together on this?

Are you a business person with soul?

Drop me an email here and we can arrange a convenient time to chat.